PhoenixRan.v70 Update
-Fragmental Stones is now tradeable and lockerable and can now be sold to npc for 150,000gold each.
-Change School Cards Available on CartShop
-Removed Daeshin C~F, East Region B~C
[New Daily Quest]
Marketplace NPC:Erika
Quest Details:
Kill 100 Loanshark Marketer on Daeshin - 5x Four Clover Reward
Kill 100 Killer Heels on East - 5x Four Clover Reward
[Daily Attendance Book Reward]
5x Four Clover for each Course completed
[New Items for Exchange (NPC:Erika)]
Reform Card - 50x Fragmental Stones
Seal Card - 100x Fragmental Stones
Megaphone(30P) - 50x Fragmental Stones
Blessed Paper (6H)(5P) - 300x Fragmental Stones
Inventory Expansion - 350x Fragmental Stones
Pet Food(50%) - 300x Fragmental Stones
Fornacis Weapon Costume(7D) - 2000x Fragmental Stones
Weapon Costume Choice Box[1D] - 25x Four Clover
Belt Costume Choice Box[1D] - 25x Four Clover
Range Grindstone (+1~+6) - 6x Four Clover
Range Grindstone (+6~+9) - 40x Four Clover
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Tyranny War: N/A
1 `Xvi Lv. 300
2 pyotr Lv. 300
3 Gwydeon Lv. 300
4 Chouuuu Lv. 300
5 -Jeon`JungKook Lv. 300
6 melabs18 Lv. 300
7 Gone Lv. 300
8 GB`doodjerkz88 Lv. 300
9 -Akatsuki Lv. 300
10 Celeste` Lv. 300