PhoenixRan - Customer Service Policies

[Notice] Phoenix-Ran Operational Policies

1. Live-chat can only entertain account concerns / game concerns and some info about our website and the game.
You can also ask live-chat agent to update some helpdesks tickets.

2. Live-chat operating hours will be at 1:00PM ~ 12:00AM (May vary depends on the situation)

3. Live-chat agents can put a sanctions to people who curse, spam and talk shit to them.

4. Helpdesks can only entertain tickets about account problems, suggestions, requests and donations
and in some cases events/reward

5. Helpdesks ticket can only be sent once. Spamming and cursing our agent will result to a proper sanction

6. Helpdesks processing time can sometimes be longer than usual as per our current situation right now.
You can chat to our live-chat agents regarding update of your tickets.

7. Helpdesk agents operating hours will be at 1:00PM ~ 3:00AM(May vary depends on the situation)

8. Donation disputes can result to permanent ban. Donations are non-refundable

9. Scamming, Sending frauds, fake receipts can result to permanent ban

Tyranny War: N/A
1 `Xvi Lv. 300
2 pyotr Lv. 300
3 Gwydeon Lv. 300
4 Chouuuu Lv. 300
5 -Jeon`JungKook Lv. 300
6 melabs18 Lv. 300
7 Gone Lv. 300
8 GB`doodjerkz88 Lv. 300
9 -Akatsuki Lv. 300
10 Celeste` Lv. 300