PhoenixRan v66 Changelogs

PhoenixRan v66 Changelogs

-Reverted +10, +11 effect to original effect due to massive request
-Added New Pvp Map (Inferno City[PVP])

August EP-PROMO Until Aug7~Aug31
FOR EVERY 1,000PHP Donation
+ 500EP BONUS / [Aug]EP-Box (20Reform,10Sealed,5DualSealer,Wrapper[5P])

ItemShop Update
[New Weekly Special Costumes]
Little Devil Spirit Box
Magical Costume
Righteous Police Uniform Gift Box
Aqua Energy Imbued Costume Box
Sacred Energy Costume GiftBox

[New Costumes]
Indonesia Flag Mantle
US Flag Mantle
Thailand Flag Mantle
Japan Flag Mantle
Korea Flag Mantle
Philippine Flag Mantle
Malaysia Flag Mantle
Vietnam Flag Mantle
China Flag Mantle
Taiwan Flag Mantle
Union Flag Mantle

[New Vehicles]
Police Car Box
Cloudy Board
Leafy Board

[New Belt]
2 Zodiac Choice Box

All the best,
Phoenix-Ran Team. Keep Safe and Godbless!

257 線上玩家
Tyranny War: N/A
1 `Xvi Lv. 300
2 Gwydeon Lv. 300
3 pyotr Lv. 300
4 Chouuuu Lv. 300
5 -Jeon`JungKook Lv. 300
6 -Akatsuki Lv. 300
7 melabs18 Lv. 300
8 Gone Lv. 300
9 GB`doodjerkz88 Lv. 300
10 Celeste` Lv. 300