PhoenixRan.v63 Update

PhoenixRan v63 Changelogs
Scientist Skill Adjustments

- Instant Acceleration Duration Increased by 1 Second

- Protecion Shoot Duraiton Increased by 1 Second

Archer Skill Adjustments

- Epic Defense Cooldown Decreased by 1 Second


-Added Item Weapon Skill on Solar Deity, Blue Weapons (Use skill reform for those who do not have skills)

Adjusted Horus Parts Drops on different PVE Boss
-Ancient/Legendary Horus Hat,Top can now be looted at Abandoned Desert Boss (Camel Warrior)
-Ancient/Legendary Horus Belt/Bottom can now be looted at The Outer Wall Boss (Veno Specimen)
-Ancient/Legendary Horus Gloves/Shoes can now be looted at Forbidden Tower Boss (Furious Murakano)

-Reduced Veno Specimen HP
-Recuded Camel Warrior HP

Added New Wings on Item Compound
-Waterholic Wings(Blue,White,Yellow,Red)(Per)

[Added New Items on ItemShop]
-Rifle Wings(Red,Blue)
-Aegis Wings(Yellow,White,Blue)
-Odin's Battalion Wings(Gold,Purple)
-Jenny's Royal Wings(Gold,Red)
-Reira Lacewing Wings
-Dark Jenny Belt(Green,Yellow)

Weekly Special Costumes
-Valkyrie Armor Costume Set Box [W](31D)
-Mysterious Noble Costume Set Box [M](31D)
-Sheep Warrior Costume Box (30D)
-Angels Costume[W](Permanent)
-Devils Costume[M](Permanent)

-Arwen's Ear(15D)
-Solar's Ear(15D)
-Shobit's Ear(15D)
-Angle's Ear(15D)
-The Land of Life(15D)
-Electrifying Power(15D)
-Painful Determination(15D)
-Flaming Firework(15D)

-Prono Luz Card(Permanent)

-Lots and lots of pet!

258 線上玩家
Tyranny War: N/A
1 `Xvi Lv. 300
2 Gwydeon Lv. 300
3 pyotr Lv. 300
4 Chouuuu Lv. 300
5 -Jeon`JungKook Lv. 300
6 -Akatsuki Lv. 300
7 melabs18 Lv. 300
8 Gone Lv. 300
9 GB`doodjerkz88 Lv. 300
10 Celeste` Lv. 300